Camera for the lobby

Is this a business lobby? If so, I’d run Cat5e and use a POE camera. I say use a POE for a business since traffic and triggers will chew up the batteries in battery powered cams fairly quickly, even those with much bigger batteries than Wyze cams. I’d rather put the effort in up front for a biz rather than have to recharge cams.

Using a camera through glass depends also on reflections from behind as well, they work well if you can limit those, but I’ve found the trigger sensitivity to not be the same. For a home, I’d use an outside cam outside; at 8-9 feet you can catch faces just fine.


But that’s not a problem. The heat change / IR is still in the same space to trigger the camera. I’m just suggesting adding a mirror to the mix to record (with regular light) at a better angle / view.

Why not use the v3, which uses AI for motion detection instead of PIR. It should detect motion through a window.

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It uses AI ?

The v3 detects pixel change as motion, the WCO s use a PIR sensor as an initial detector for motion. Once either way detects motion they both then upload their events to the cloud where the AI does it’s analysis on the video and tags recognized objects.

I think the use of the word “Artificial Intelligence” is miss-used a lot today. We used to call it programming or algorithms (not to be confused with Al Gore Rythyms). :thinking:

Good explination, thank you.

Do the Cam V3 and Cam OG both work that same way?

Any full list of camera devices explaining which use AI vs. PIR?


All the cameras except the battery operated Outdoor cam use pixel changes for initial motion detection.

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I would say the “vs”'s is actually “pixel detection vs PIR detection” and not “ai vs PIR”. Ai comes into play when you have cam plus lite or cam plus on a supported camera. The detection systems are just the initial detection system, and the ai for recognized objects comes after for supported cameras.

They both have pixel detection systems that detect a change in pixels in view (and that pass the threshold of their different settings and sensitivitys)

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