Camera Can’t Connect - Red Light Permanently On

The video from my Cam Pan v2 malfunctioned one night in that it became purple. Then the next day the camera stopped connecting and the red light appeared and it hasn’t gone away. It’s been like this for over a week. Are there any troubleshooting options or is this a hardware issue?

I’ve had that same problem. I did what was suggested here and it fixed it. Find (or wait and someone will help both of us) for the link to the firmware downloads. Then follow the instructions to manually download, expand and let the camera boot up installing the fresh firmware. Instructions will be pretty straight forward. Simply follow them. And if doesn’t work, return to that same thread asking for a little help. But bottom line is, fresh firmware install (manually from MicroSD) will fix it.

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The purple video means that the IR filter has stuck over the lens and cannot retract. That is a hardware issue.

First step is a full factory reset holding down the setup button until it power cycles. If the cam doesn’t reset, there isn’t much a firmware flash will do. If it is still malfunctioning, contact Customer Support.

A firmware flash shouldn’t be necessary in an up to date cam. The factory reset should do the trick. Don’t delete the cam from your App, but you will need to reinstall it once it starts up.

If you do believe the cam may have corrupt firmware, which is unlikely, you do have the option to manually flash the firmware to the cam.