Camera appears to capture two color temperatures

One of my cameras has an appearance of two color temperatures in a half and half vertical display.

That looks like it’s viewing through window glass? If so it could be natural reflection on the glass that especially happens when the camera is at an angle to the glass and can be in only a portion of the image like you’ve shown.
You can check by turning it to inside the room and seeing if it goes away. If there is no window, then it might be the camera. There is a little clear filter inside the camera that some of us found was dirty with some sort of film on it. Check this thread if you think it’s the camera and it’s not under warranty:


I think @raym64 is on to something. I can’t tell for sure but that looks like a thermopane type window. If so it could be that the angle that the cam is viewing thru the glass is causing it to pick up some type of reflection back and forth, especially is you have something like a Low-E gas in there.
Just a guess.

That looks like when I first had one near my window looking out at an angle, so not directly butted up against the glass. I have double pane windows and it would look something like that. I have since mounted them outside.

Is the a window dressing over one half of the window on the inside? Or drapes of some kind?