Cam ver3, no longer connecting to wifi after being turned off

I have 3 Wyze cams, 2 external and 1 internal, I moved the internal one from one room to another, after plugging it in it would never attach back to the network, i have tried and tried but it keeps saying unable to connect, everything else is working fine, the other cameras are still attached and working as they should. What gives, all i did was disconnect the power and plug it back in, it shold have never lost any settings, it says ready to connect, it reads the QR code and then it just says connecting… and fails

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You might want to try power cycling your router. My Cam wouldn’t connect after a restart/power-cycle, and after the router was reset, it connected without any issues.


If it is saying Ready to Connect, it is in a Setup routine and the old WiFi settings need to be reset. Hold down the setup button for 10s and start over. Do not delete it from the app.

Make sure the phone you are using for the reinstall is logged in and using the SSID network where you are trying to install the cam. You may want to disable mobile Data. If it a split SSID Dual band network, be sure the phone is on the 2.4GHz network.

Thanks for the help, I have tried and tried countless times, but still the same issue, it just wont connect, is there a way to completely reset the camera, its barely a year old, the first time it gets disconnected it breaks?

Anyway thanks for the info.

Yes. A factory reset is holding the setup button for 10s. Try reset and setup without the SD card in it.

I two external cameras that have the same problem. I will power cycle the router. Hopefully that will help.
Thank you for the tip!