Cam v4 connectivity

Was having trouble with v4 cams not staying connected in live view while monitoring. Curiously, after the new Apple ios updates and restarts, they were all staying connected… For a while; but then the cameras started acting like the were having a buffering issue with jerking video, before bombing agsin with the usual Error 13. They wouldn’t stsy connected for a minute.
I have 4 V4’s in a group cluster, all were acting exactly the same.
On a hunch, I went into advanced settings and SD card management. All sd cards were full. I reformatted all of them, and cleared the app casche. Restarted the cameras, and now All 4 cameras are staying connected, ( I wonder when the cards get full again they will be stressed?)

You should never need to format the uSD card. The question is if the cameras stay connected when viewing them on the app. The Web view has always been an issue.

I agree. Maybevthe techs are working on a new firmware. For the record, in continuous recording mode, I’m using high end samsumg 256GB cards sdxc uhs-1 , 10, 3, a2,V30 4KHD, model: MB-ME 256kA.