Connectivity Issues since the latest firmware update (1/11/2023)

Has anybody noticed a huge change in connectivity issues with your V2 cams?? Every single camera isn’t loading. Sometimes yes, but it’s rare. I have a strong wifi (fiber 1 GB up and down) and I have good coverage to all devices. The issues started with the last update and it’s frustrating because these cameras used to NEVER have connection issues, when I first got them back in 2021 like never. I told every one about them because they were the most reliable camera ive had, but sadly that’s not true anymore. Obviously in my case it’s not the camera unless all of them only last 2 years, but they used to be so good, so I’m leaning towards a firmware issue and change. Any thoughts of suggestions? Thanks everyone. Happy New Year!


Yep. Big time. Super annoying and frustrating.

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Yes both of my V2 cameras won’t connect now, no issues previously

Yes, I noticed the same issue. It is very frustrating and considering a different brand.

It’s possible that the firmware update introduced a lot more bugs than they thought. I can’t capture anything to SD cards and can only seem to connect to the cameras when I’m on the same WIFI, this wasn’t the case before…

what are your firmware versions? for v2

I’m having trouble with all my outdoor cameras since last update. Takes several tries to get them to connect. Usually I just give up. Very frustrating