Cam v3 RTSP - Notifications settings discrepancy

Two camv3s were ordered together, 6 months or more ago.

One was deployed, has firmware, never had any Wyze services applied to it and its Notifications settings on the Wyze app show:

The second camv3, mentioned above was recently deployed, has the same firmware, no services applied and it’s Notifications setting DO NOT HAVE the Wyze AI Events feature available. Tell me how to fix this:

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I moved your post to this category from " Cam Plus AI - Provide separate AI Detection and Notification options" as it was misplaced. Added RTSP to title and tags. Hopefully, someone running v3 RTSP will see your post here and answer your question. :+1:

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Indirect answer but I have read that to change certain settings one has to install stock firmware, make the change, and then reinstall the RTSP firmware.

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Question ? What does RTSP have to do with my issue of individual AI notifications on Cam Plus on V3’s. Why would you move it?

It has nothing to do with your issue which is why this post was moved to its own topic, out of your Roadmap topic to the Cams category.

The original topic is still at this link: Cam Plus AI - Provide separate AI Detection and Notification options - #42 by jtbright219

The mod just moved one of the replies someone made on it which was unrelated to our AI issue.

Not totally clear from the responses, but is this maybe the Android version of this? If so, this is a fix. Let us know. :slight_smile: