V3 RTSP sound/motion notifications stopped working

I have three v3 Wyzecams which I installed the RTSP firmware on two days ago. They are on firmware version 4.61.03. All three of the cameras stopped giving movement/sound notifications. All settings have been confirmed, even toggled them on/off. I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue with the RTSP firmware related to notifications. If I go into events all of the sound/movement notifications are showing there. This issue is happening on two other devices to which the cameras are shared out to. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: Reverting back to the factory (non RTSP) firmware resolved the notification issue. There is still one camera running RTSP firmware 4.61.03 that is providing notifications. It is also one that is still in the free trial of CamPlus.

Yes I am having the same problem. I assume they need to update the rtsp firmware so the notification provides a thumbnail instead. Would be nice to hear from a company rep if that will happen. I will probably go back to the non rtsp firmware like you did.

I don’t think they want you to run the RTSP firmware, so have little interest in making it functional.

I’m running RTSP on all my cameras but one without issue. The one is a CamPan V2 for which RTSP is unavailable. The problem is more likely the App or the backend servers since Wyze has been having major issues with both since the implementation of CamPlus Lite.

Are you getting a thumbnail in your events? I’m just getting a camera icon. I did not get cam plus or lite. My other non rtsp cam was also not showing a thumbnail until I updated the firmware.

Running with CamPlus Lite and before that Legacy PD. Getting 12 second videos. Did you update the app?

Yes. The app is up to date. Since my one cam without rtsp had the same behavior before I updated the firmware, I assume the rtsp firmware also needs an update for the event thumbnail if not subscribed for video.

Don’t think so…there isn’t any update to RTSP and hasn’t been one for quite some time. I’m running on my V3 and on my V2s.

So my only option to get notifications is to restore to default firmware and lose RSTP?
I know now who I am not buying from again.

It was technically only a beta anyway and quite sure they said that they wouldn’t be continuing on working on it or something like that when they released it.

Since they may always need to make server side changes that affect the streaming / notifications, etc side of things then it stands to reason that it will eventually break that way without updates.

They didn’t design the cams to do notifications offline. Rtsp is an extra.

Same issue after latest (October 2022) firmware update on all 4 of my V3 cams. Tried deselecting every option available and reselecting. No change. This is a very important notification for my setup. Anyone else have any ideas???