Cam V3 Pro Latest firmware ***BRICKED*** CAMS

We did our updates all the time with no issues,as we have V3-PRO, OG and work very well

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Maybe go into some details of what’s wrong will help.

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I had a couple former bricked V3s from last year. I thought… let’s try the latest release firmware. Sure enough they flashed and even took latest beta. Guess I’m glad I didn’t trash them. Must have been a fix somewhere along the way because previously no firmware version past or present would make them boot up properly.


That’s almost like finding a couple $20 bills in an old pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in some time! :smiley:


And the jeans fit just right.


Just a heads-up: Wyze Cam v3 Pro just received a new beta which doesn’t support WPA3-Personal. I am running 4x v3 Pro’s on GA firmware on a WPA3-Personal network. After upgrade to this new beta version I had to downgrade the network to WPA2-Personal to get them to connect.


Same had to change to WPA2 to get them to connect again. Same issue with the last beta they took down

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I don’t get it. 27 days later and I am still getting offered this beta firmware? I wonder if they plan to fix the issue or just expect everyone to abandon WPA3?

What am I missing?



At least it’s still in Beta and hasn’t made it to Production yet. The longer it is out there in Beta the more time we have to push comments in the Beta Thread for the version… and the more likely there is to be another Beta round with fixes.

I appreciate that, but I guess I must be missing something. Doesn’t pretty much everyone with a home wireless LAN that supports WAP3/WAP2 have the issue when they load this firmware?? Or…. are there folks with newer wireless networks that support WAP3 who don’t have an issue with this build? At least last time Wyze pulled the “defective” build quickly so more testers didn’t get bricked. If there was something I could do to tweak my A/P’s and still support WAP3, I would do it. In the meantime, I just keep my SD card ready to reinstall the release firmware. Pretty easy to do. Oh well.

Yes. My router supports WPA3 yet I had no issues with any of the Production or Beta Firmware builds.

But, my router isn’t locked into WPA3 exclusively. My router connects to the device at the highest security capable by the individual device. My previous router did the same.

Due to all of my wifi devices im sti useing WPA2 and i will not update due to i have over 80+ devices

My wifi access points (Aruba IAP-315) has the following options for WPA. I can mix WPA and WPA2 but not WPA2 and WPA3.

So I created a separate wifi network (SSID) using WPA2 and kept my main wifi network set on WPA3.

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Yes, I use enterprise Netgear access points and can configure multiple SSID’s with varying security on each A/P, but, the fact remains security is far better with WPA3. In fact, most newer iPhones throw a warning if you coinnect to wifi with anything less secure than WPA3. The problem with this build is evidently that it has problems on some A/P’s that support mixed WPA3/2. I guess maybe it tries to use WPA3 and fails? Above my pay grade!

You can revert the units to a previous version of the firmware. Search Wyze for the v3 firmware. Download, put in the root of the sd card, hold setup button until light is solid red, release. then will turn purple. Back to red when completed. Then complete a setup and the unit will connect

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