Cam V3 Pro Latest firmware ***BRICKED*** CAMS

Same problem here, my other Wyze gear still ok but my one v3 pro will no longer connect to
My Wi-Fi, tried many ideas with no help

same issue. i had to put stable firmware on sd card and flash back to it for now

This post just came in on the official Beta Firmware Release Thread for the V3Pro Beta FW. Something to check. Early reports are that changing router settings brings the cams back online.


I can confirm changing my router to wpa2 personal only allows my v3 pro to connect eg turning off wpa2/wpa3. Needs fixings

Great detective work! Not sure who figured out the issue was/is WPA for the cam 3 pros, but kudos!!

I don’t think I want to reduce the level of security on my LAN AP’s to test (as I have WPA3 devices), but I will set up a test network and try to confirm. Based on the comments, I am assuming, where possible, this firmware is trying to use WPA3, but fails.

If it is just a WPA issue, I hope it is acknowledged by WYZE and addressed quickly with a new beta firmware or the ability to load old firmware’s with an SDCard. I’d like to also hear more about what they are thinking with WPA3.

That would be @rsumpy99 in the linked post above who gets the credit.

Wyze is aware and working on it. Follow the Official V3Pro Beta Firmware Release Thread for details. has been available for download and manual flash reversion since its release.

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I see that the 3468 beta is nolonger being pushed to beta enabled cams. That is good.

Support was pretty adament that there were no procedures for either loading firmware on the V3 Pro using SDCard or a file for downloading the image. Can you send the procedure if different from the V3 and/or point me/us in the direction of the 3210 release firmware file for the V3 Pro?

Thanks again.

Flashing the Cam v3 Pro is the same as Cam v3. Use a FAT32-formatted 32GB microSD card and don’t forget to rename the .bin file to demo_wcv3.bin.

Firmware location (look for section Wyze Cam v3 Pro Firmware): Release Notes & Firmware

Flashing Instructions (look for section Flash Firmware for Wyze Cam v3): How to flash your Wyze Cam firmware manually

This is Beta Firmware actively being tested by users who have willingly volunteered to test it. Since it is test firmware and not Production Release Firmware, Customer Support isn’t going to have any visibility of issues or remedies for problems. Beta testers should already be familiar with reversion protocols.

There is no way to load Beta Firmware by SD Flash unless Wyze specifically provides it in special circumstances. Production firmware, however, is always available for download on the Wyze Support Website.

The link I already provided in my last post does that.


Thanks. I’ve beta tested with Wyze since the first cam.

I am curious, are you saying that the procedure for updating the firmware using an SDCard is the same for both the Cam V3 and the Cam V3 Pro? Also that the firmwares for the two are the same?

I must have missed the link to the V3 Pro 3210 firmware.

Yes. The .bin name is different. But it is a direct copy to the SD root & hold setup on powering, just like the V3

No. The V3 runs on or 4.36.10.xxxx

Look at my post above. Links are in teal:


Thank you!

One small mistake. I believe the file should be renamed to demo_wcv3p.bin (add the “p” for pro).

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I thought Wyze was a great company as I have many V3 cameras. I bought 6 V3 Pro’s. I wasted so much time with support and horrible e mail solutions. A loop of nothingness from Wyze. I am so DISQUESTED with Wyze company! I will NEVER trust them again! The worst customer experience of my life! Just HORRIBLE!

We did our updates all the time with no issues,as we have V3-PRO, OG and work very well

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Maybe go into some details of what’s wrong will help.

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I had a couple former bricked V3s from last year. I thought… let’s try the latest release firmware. Sure enough they flashed and even took latest beta. Guess I’m glad I didn’t trash them. Must have been a fix somewhere along the way because previously no firmware version past or present would make them boot up properly.


That’s almost like finding a couple $20 bills in an old pair of jeans that you haven’t worn in some time! :smiley:


And the jeans fit just right.


Just a heads-up: Wyze Cam v3 Pro just received a new beta which doesn’t support WPA3-Personal. I am running 4x v3 Pro’s on GA firmware on a WPA3-Personal network. After upgrade to this new beta version I had to downgrade the network to WPA2-Personal to get them to connect.


Same had to change to WPA2 to get them to connect again. Same issue with the last beta they took down

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