Cam V3 green and white wire leads

Does anyone know what the green and white leads control on the V3 ?

The V3 is designed to allow both power and data so that it can control peripherals like the spotlight, floodlight, sockets, and other things.

I would not be surprised to learn that it has more than 2 wires there because of that added data capability, but I am just guessing. Despite enjoying building my own computers and electronics sometimes, I do not have a degree in electrical or computer engineering…so perhaps someone else with more education on the matter will chime in.


That must be what thier for then ,… because the camera still functions perfectly fine without them (not sure about the 2 way speaker though.

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Here’s a close up of the fine craftsmanship of these leads

If would be nice if wyze didn’t use such [mod edit] on cam that is costa the consumer more money.

While the cam will still work without those 2 wires , it does lead to having to sometimes mess with them in order to make the cam work from time to time.

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