Cam v3 Event Playback from SD Card Missed Motion Trigger

I have my Cam v3’s setup for “continuous” recording to the micro SD card. I have enabled “Detects Motion” and configured “Detection Zones”. I am not using cloud recording (Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite).

My question/issue is that when I go to playback an event, when the playback starts, sometimes I miss the actual motion that triggered the event. I tap the event, then tap the “Playback” button. The playback seems to try to start exactly at the time the event was triggered. Sometimes theres a slight delay in playback and the video playback starts too late and misses the event. There’s no “go back” button to go back to the timestamp, or better yet, go back a little before the time stamp.

It would be nice if the playback started say 5 seconds before the trigger so that the event motion would be more obvious. Anyone else experience this, or frustrated by SD card playback? Anyway to configure playback to start “X seconds” before the event as opposed to the exact timestamp?

Are you sure you’re not using cloud recording? When you go to look at your recordings, do you tap the Events tab at the bottom of the home page? If so, you are looking at cloud recordings. Lots of people think that if they put a micro SD card in their camera, then the event recordings they get are from that micro SD card. Nope.

If you are viewing an event and you tap the playback button, that takes you to the micro SD card, right where the trigger was on the cloud event. There is a go back button. It is a circle with 30 in it. Tap it and it takes you back about 30 seconds.


Yes, I’m sure I’m looking at SD card recordings. The icon on the recording is a small white image icon not the “12s” circle icon for cloud recordings. From the home page, I select Events, then from the list of events, I select the one I want to play. From the event detail view I then select the “Playback” icon.

After selecting the Playback icon there is a slight delay as the app caches the video before it starts to play. The problem is as you mentioned, the playback seems to start exactly at the trigger timestamp. Sometimes with the initial delay, the playback is one to two seconds after the trigger and if the motion is too fast, the playback misses it. I realize that I can go back 30sec, but that’s too much. I want to go back in shorter increments like 5sec so I don’t have to wait 30sec to see an event that I missed by 1-2sec.

Again, ideally the playback would start 3-5sec before the event to account for the initial playback delay.

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This would probably be a #wishlist item to include go back 5,10,15 seconds as well as 30.

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