Event stamps even with continuous recording?

I have continuous recording to my SD card enabled for my new v3 cam. But when you go to view playback, is there a way to have it flag events even within the continuous recording bar? Marker flags of some kind to let you be able to focus where to look? Thanks.

There is a marker, but not in the live feed Playback. It’s in the Event. If you are watching a 12-second clip in portrait mode, at the bottom of the screen is a SD card icon titled “Playback”. Touch that, and you jump to the exact time of the event on the SD card, where you can see all that happened.

Delete the cloud event, and lose your marker.

Here’s some light reading.

Just to clarify what @Newshound said, there is no marker in the recording on the SD card. The only way to jump to that point is from the event recording in the cloud. While viewing the short, cloud clip you select playback and that takes you to that time point in the SD recording.

I’m not seeing event recordings in the app for this cam. Are events only recorded if you’re not doing “continuous recording”?

There are technically two types of event recording, on your cloud storage, and in your local storage. Each are Independant of eachother.

Cloud storage is anything in your event tab. This is your 12-second clips if you have the free storage, or any campus clips if you have that subscription.

Local storage is your SD card storage. You can have this set to continuous recording or event only.

Which one are you referring to?

If you are referring to local storage, it can only be set to one of the following: off, continuous or event only to the sd card.