Cam v3 cannot get past the first step of connecting. Just flashing light while pushing setup

I’m a senior and not real savvy with electronic and having trouble getting cam to connect. Get flashing red light and hold setup button but hear nothing. (can hear a very soft clicking sound but not recording) I’m guessing Im trying to connect to the phone?
Phone is Android Z557bl with version 7.1.1. nougat. I have 2.4wifi and I have tvs and Roku and phone connected to wifi am I safe in assuming wifi is ok since all those products are connected and its 2.4
Searched on line and cannot find much help.
Am I correct to think that the setup tab is to connect to the phone and the wifi will come later. So could it be a setting on the phone. Any assistance would be appreciated…schemmy

For starters, you don’t hold the setup button. Press it hard then release.

Thank you for reply. I tried both ways. Also watched video and it looks soooo easy. Could be my phone?

Do you hear, “Ready to connect” after pressing the setup button? if not, it’s not the phone.

If you do, describe what happens after that.

I have the Wyze app open on the phone and 3V cam selected. Plug in cam and get solid red light. Red light starts to blink and I push set up tab on cam I can hear a very very faint noise in cam but do not hear voice prompt “ready too connect” so cannot move to next page.

You might not be pressing the setup button hard or far enough. It’s like a button on your TV or garage remote, you should feel/hear a click.

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You are right I dont think I was pressing the button in hard enough. Surprised how hard I had to press in. Got to the point of entering password to wifi and scan code but it will not connect to wifi but it is a step in right direction. Taking a break from set up. Life used to be so simple before all these toys. Thanks again. schemmy

That’s progress.

If you can, post the name and if possible, the model of your WiFi equipment. Look at the back or under the device. People here with similar equipment will be able to advise you better.

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Hint for pressing the setup button. Use a small screwdriver, or key and it is very easy to press.

Just wanted to thank you both for the help. I did finally get my wyze cam going. I had to redo my router, which I was a little nervous trying but I did get it reset and then everything clicked just like the video. Still feel pretty silly for not pushing that setup button hard enough. I just think of electronic as being delicate. Thanks again Im just barely keeping up with the all this new stuff.

Write it down. The steps you go through to fix something, set something up. Having your own notes in your own words will make a difference for you if you need to do anything else. You know the rule. If you prepare to do it again, you won’t need it. Perfect, eh?

Rule of thumb, if you need to reset your router, start first with your cable modem, then do the router. Always go from outside coming in towards your home. I.e., cable modem, router, hubs, computer, whatever.

Thanks Sam I did find a manual for my router on line and that is pretty much what it had me do. Modem first. Was nervous when I turned on modem and got a flashing red light for several long minutes. Started looking up my provider number but then then the green lights started coming on. A lot of help on this site.

That’s common on the modem. It has to boot and shake hands with the signal coming down the broadband. You should put a watch on it and count the seconds, then put a post’em note on it so you know about what to expect next time. This will give you comfort knowing what to expect. Same with your router.