Cam v3 and MicroSD

Cam v3 was working fine with and without microsd then moved it to other location and updated the new wifi, cam v3 working but MicroSD button gone I don’t see the MicorSd button, yes there is microsd and the setting using microsd is ON, what happen?? Tech support has no clew, bugs and bugs…

It seems like you might be describing a known issue that’s being tracked in this month’s fix-it-friday topic:

If that’s what you’re describing, then you might consider submitting a log and opening a ticket, as that post advises. If that’s not your issue, then maybe you’re talking about something like this:

That’s also an issue that’s known to Wyze Support and the engineers.

If neither of those describe your experience, then perhaps you could post a screenshot so that visitors to this topic can see what you’re seeing?

We know about that “missing SDcard” bug. But what makes this instance unique is that it’s the same camera, same card but with a different router and possibly a new ISP. That’s a new twist.

I understand that @OAA’s description of the issue differs somewhat from what others have described, and my impression of the missing and/or greyed-out SD Card button is that it doesn’t affect all Cam Pan v3s all the time, so I was trying to provide pointers to other information and also requested a visual if this is an entirely different issue. If it’s all the same thing, then maybe a log from this camera might shed new light on the situation.

I am not sure but maybe it could be due to that there is No cam plus on this camera so its recording only to MicroSD but I am not sure,
because the same camera in another location with different wifi network I used to see MicroSD button??

I’m having difficulty understanding what your issue is, and I certainly don’t have enough information to diagnose the problem. In one post, you seem to suggest that changing WiFi might be the problem, and in your most recent post you’re speculating about Cam Plus. There are so many variables here that I’m not sure what to attempt to investigate.

I’d like for you to get help with your issues, and I think perhaps searching the Forum and adding your input to pre-existing topics that describe the problems you’re experiencing might be a better way to get more eyes on your experience and perhaps receive more useful feedback. That’s probably going to be a more fruitful tactic than creating so many new topics, particularly if your problems echo those already experienced by other users.

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But I don’t have time searching all over the forum for each problem or bug.

And by the way I contacted tech support and they couldn’t solve or fix the problem they do agree with me but they don’t know how to fix it.

each post has a given or bug problem, if you don’t understand it then its a problem too…

Do you work for wyze?

Can you post a screenshot of this missing microSD card button? What screen or menu are you not seeing it where you believe you should be? What actual app version are you using?

To spot a Wyze employee in the wild here in the forum, their username will begin with “Wyze”, they will also have a title next to their username stating such, and their Avatar will have a small Wyze “W” next to it.

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I couldn’t update to any newer vetsion on android

There is no microSD card button on that screen because you are in the SD card playback screen. The V3 has a different user interface than the V4.

On the V3 to view the SD card footage, you hit the playback button from the live view screen, which it appears you did because you screenshotted the screen that pops up when you click the playback button. The timeline which shows SD card footage on the V3 is horizontal like your screenshot.

On the V4, to view the SD card footage, you click the SD card button on the live view page. Once you do that, a vertical timeline shows up of your SD card footage.

Looking at your timeline from the screenshot, it looks like you have your microSD card settings set to events only and you only had a few blips of events on the timeline.

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This is only one problem. Why? Because yoday I added cam plus to the v3 camera so where is the cam plus yes i paid for today tech support can’t figure why i can’t see the cam plus?. One more thing the same camera in another location microsd button was visible??

You guys have lots of bugs to fix.

Maybe you don’t realize it but Omgitstony isn’t a Wyze employee. You sound like he’s not helping you enough?

Maybe he’s not paid enough :joy:


Cam plus cloud footage is not viewed on the micro SD or playback screen in your screen shot. The cam plus cloud saved footage is viewed off the event tab of the app for the V3 camera.

Possibly because on the V3 you’re looking in a different location than where it’s actually viewed and accessed.

On the V4 camera you have with the new interface, the cam plus events and the SD card footage are viewed on the same screen and that is a improvement on the new user interface compared to the old interface on the V3.

It’s confusing I don’t know who work for wyze and who is not, some email responses i got kind of rude

That’s not a good reason to be rude especially to someone who’s trying to help and has no responsibility to help you.

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