Cam v3 added cam plus membership but NO cam plus

Added cam plus to cam v3 I see cam plus on services but NO cam plus on the cam v3 on the app, called tech support they couldn’t fixe it they said someone will contact you by email.

You need to go to the Portal Website: Wyze Services. Then the plan that you have subscribed to. After that under the plan you will see something like the following:

Tap on that to select the Camera you wish to add to your Service.

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I already know that and already did that but NO cam plus on the v3 even though I paid for as of today.

I already did this.

Lots of bugs …


Trying to get eyes on this for you.

When you contact Wyze did you get a Ticket Number?


[Wyze Ticket 3831066] Re: Cam Plus | Not Showing

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How can you tell? What is the camera not doing that you think it should?

If you are talking about your living room cam, the screenshot you posted in a different topic appears to show that you do have cam Plus on that camera. Click the Blue shield that the arrow is pointed to and I believe it should say that you have cam Plus on that camera.

Here’s a V3 screenshots of one of my cameras that does not have cam plus:


Here is the same screenshot of a different V3 I have that does have cam plus and when you click on the Blue shield the resulting pop-up box says I have cam Plus on that camera.

The shield in your screenshot does appear to indicate that cam plus is on that camera.


Ok it says i have cam plus then why its recording to microsd? And should be able to switch between cloud and microsd? How do you switch without microsd button? And when you have cam plus shouldn’t I see different clips recorded?

Cam Plus will record to the Events Tab. You can go to the Event Tab, Filter it by the camera and you should see the results there.

Then you can tap on it to stream the event and at the bottom of the screen you can also select Playback and that will jump you over to the SD Card.

When Selecting View Playback from the Live Stream, that will always show the SD Card.

But for v4 it looks different correct?

All Cameras will record to the Events tab when Cam Plus is used.

However, on the Live Stream, you will see the events at the bottom of the page and directly below the stream there will be an SD Card icon. Clicking on that, while watching the live stream will take you to the SD Card and last event.

If you streaming an event then tap the card, it will take you to that location on the card.

Can you provide screen shots of what you are seeing to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

The v4 has a different UI. The v3 is older and has the older UI. Cam plus status won’t change that.