CAM V2 - Notifications, Then No Notifications, Then Notifications - Arrgh

/Vent Mode On/

This seems to be a prevalent problem, as the “Your topic is similar to…” pane show lots of posts similar to mine.

My Cam V2’s will randomly stop sending notifications to my Android phone and then randomly start up again. Once notifications stop nothing will enable them again. Power cycling the cam doesn’t help, toggling settings in the app doesn’t help, Force Stopping the app doesn’t help, toggling the notification settings on the phone doesn’t help. Nothing helps - except for waiting.

I moved a Cam to a new location last week and everything was fine for 3 days. I received notifications for cars moving in the driveway, people walking on the lawn, headlights sweeping the lawn in IR mode, anything and everything. Then the notifications stopped. When I check the Event tabs, all of the usual activities are there, showing up right after the event occurs. At least 4 days worth of captured activities, not a single notification.

Suddenly this morning, I’m getting notifications again. Nothing has changed with the cam, my phone, the app, etc. All of the same type of activities that I’ve been seeing in Events for the last 4 days. The only difference is that I’m now getting notified.

This has happened in the past, too many times. I’m about to toss my Wyze cams and move on to something more reliable. I’m open to suggestions for camera options.

/Vent Mode Off/