Cam shutting down

Since the last update i believe this is when i noticed my cameras were shutting down aswell. They are really pissing me off due to the events i have recently encountered at my house where i should of captured people at 1am on my front door pounding on my door and running off- i caught that [Mod Edit] a few days later through good investigation work. and other times when people have been on my property and cameras are off. im getting ready to switch to a more reliable camera if its not sorted out. on WIFI you cant even turn the sound on for live streaming due to the constant chirping and such which has been a WYZE issue for years and not fixed. im running app on Iphone 11 with latest firmware4.48.4.278 other issue they are night color vision that doesnt work half of the time and yes infaRED is turned on

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What do you mean by shutting down? Is it showing offline in the app, or is it actually saying the cam is powered down. Does it come back on its own after a while or do you have to switch it off and back on.

Is the base station showing online? What’s it’s status light when it’s “shut down”