Cam Protect Unlimited Plan Please!

Please add an option for Cam Protect - Unlimited!

[Mod Edit]: Title, tags and request text modified to reflect service name change. Cam Plus Pro is now Cam Protect.

Good idea, make sure to vote on your own post!

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(And please make it compatible with HMS at the same time) :slight_smile:

I wonder what the cost would be for this…
Regular Cam Plus Unlimited is $99/yr for up to 99 licenses. Most single yearly licenses for it are $15/cam, so the price of unlimited is the cost of 6.6 single licenses. If we follow this same rate for Pro Unlimited, that would be $40*6.6=$264/yr for a Pro Unlimited…
Maybe Wyze could reduce it to be more like $199/yr or something. I think $150/yr would be a really awesome price for it, $199/yr would be reasonable. Though more than that wouldn’t be too shocking…just not worth it at that point. Most people would not use that many of the cams as part of the security anyway, just a few indoor ones…then the rest would basically just be the same as Cam Plus cams anyway…so keeping it down below $200 should be doable since most wouldn’t likely be part of the security alarm monitoring in the same way.