Cam Pro No Night Events

For the past several nights my Cam Pro stopped recording events right when it gets dark outside.

What did I mess up?

There are so many things that could be involved in your issue. Will you answer the following questions so we have more information to know what kind of variables may be involved here:

  • Do you have Cam Plus? And are you talking about cloud events?
    • When you go to the events tab and limit to just your V3Pro cam, does it still show events there at all, or are you just not getting notifications?
  • Are you recording to an SD card?
    • If you are recording to an SD card, do you have it set to continuous or event recording?
  • If you are talking about cloud events with Cam Plus, and you have an SD card, is the camera still recording to the SD card night?
  • Can you upload a screenshot of your Detection Settings, Event Recording Settings, Spotlight settings, and Advanced settings (Night vision) so we can see if it is related to one of those?
  • Do you have a detection zone?
  • Do you have any rules/schedules associated with this camera? For example, maybe there is a rule turning the camera off or snoozing notifications or something.

The above will help the community to be able to give you some feedback and things you can look into.