Cam Plus video Length 0 hours

I’m a relatively new user of a couple of months. All the cams I bought came with either 2 weeks or 3 months of Cam Plus for free. All this to say, all of my cams currently have Cam Plus. I do get events, so on one hand I assume that means the Cam Plus service is working.

But in the app (Android) when I click on Account, in the top left hand corner where I see “Cam Plus”, it says “Video Length 0 h” and “People Detected 0”. I also see my member start date.

If I click on the arrow in the box, it takes me to the page where I see my 2 week Free trials and the 3 month licenses that I have on the respective cams.

What does “Video Length 0 h” mean? No video has been recorded to the cloud?
And I’ve certainly seen events where People have been tagged, so I’m surprised that it says “People Detected 0”.

Am I misinterpreting this information, or is something not working right?

Also, most of the clips that I see under Events are between 20 and 30 seconds. If there is additional motion in the clip, I might see as much as a 1 minute clip. I know with the free service I only get about 12 seconds with a cool-down period, but I thought the clips that get recorded were for a couple of minutes with Cam Plus…though I can’t seem to find any length setting. How long should the clips be?

Seems like cam plus is working for you, not sure why it’s not updating in your account page. When did you start using cam plus? Maybe it takes a bit to update?

Anyway, that data displayed there is not important, as long as everything’s working your good

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As @IEatBeans indicated, this info bubble on the top of the Account tab is a quite useless feature. It does not update on a regular basis, it cannot be reset, it can’t be set to a specific time period like daily or monthly, and it just takes up real estate on the page. I have been using CamPlus for a long time on Android and I ignore it.

On CamPlus, the video length is determined by the cam motion sensor. It starts recording on the first motion and stops when motion has ceased for a preset period of time. It cannot be adjusted. Longer videos just mean that things were in constant motion for a longer period… Up to 5 minutes in length, then another video starts.

The length of your videos is also affected by your Sensitivity settings. The higher the sensitivity, the more likely it is for even the smallest movement to keep a video motion recording. Lower sensitivity settings will require larger objects moving constantly (and ignore the small ones) to produce continued motion recording.

Also, 12s video is only available on CamPlus Lite (except for the doorbells) and can be subscribed as free. If you opt for the no subscription basic service you get no video events, only thumbnail snapshot still images.

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Nearly 2 months now, but as others have said, it seems to be useless information. I was more concerned that something wasn’t working as it should have been, which doesn’t seem to be the case. All is good :slight_smile: