Cam Plus - is it working?

I’ve purchased Cam Plus and assigned it to my Doorbell a long time ago, but it’s very inconsistent (most videos I cannot view because I get an error when I click on them and sometimes I just get an image and no video) and now I noticed on my account at the top where Cam Plus appears it shows 0 video length and 0 people detected. It is properly assigned under services so I don’t understand…?

There have been multiple threads about the effectiveness of CamPlus on the wired VDBv1. It doesn’t seem to be as effective at activating and tagging AI as the V3 cam.

At any rate, the area in the Account page where you see the length of video and the number of events I have found to be highly inaccurate. It does not update regularly.

First, make sure you have the most up to date app (2.38.xx.xx) and firmware on the VDBv1 (

Some steps that may help to “reset” your account settings, license, and app:

  1. Unassign the cam from CamPlus in Account → Services
  2. Clear the Cache in Account → App Settings
  3. Sign Out in Account
  4. Close the App
  5. Force close the App
  6. Power Cycle the cam (will require an off\on toggle of the breaker powering the doorbell transformer circuit)
  7. Restart the phone
  8. Open the app and log in
  9. Reassign the cam to the CamPlus license
  10. Verify all Event Recording, Notification, and Advanced Settings.
  11. Test the Event Recording and Notifications