Cam-Plus Unlimited "Introductory Offer" cancel policy?

I just got a promo email offering an “Introductory Offer” to Cam-Plus Unlimited (99 cameras for $7.99/month)

Trying to find out if I sign up for this, will I be billed for the full year up front and locked in for the full year?

Or, will I be billed monthly and have the option to cancel if I decide I don’t like it after a month or two?

Can’t find any clear info on this. Nowhere does it tell me how I’ll be billed, nor does it say “Cancel anytime”

I’m really tempted to try this plan out and keep it in place if I find it useful but want to have the option to bail out if I don’t like it.

You can have either. If you go with the monthly subscription you will be charged every month, but if you go with the yearly option it will be a little cheaper but you will be charged upfront

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Subscriptions are non-refundable.

If you choose the annual plan and cancel early, there is no refund.

If you go with the monthly plan, each monthly billing covers the month and you can cancel before the next month is billed. But, like the annual, if you cancel before the end of the monthly period, there is no refund.

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