Cam Plus Unlimited Help?

Ok so i got an email regarding unlimited for total of 9.99 monthly. I signed up. I cannot find where it is to assign out. Not in the Wyze app and not on Help? Says shipped but it didnt say anything about shipping a card. I currently have subscription(s) before this purchase. :woman_shrugging:

Nothing ships. In the App, check out the Services section.


Yea as K6CCC said, check the account > services tab in the app. You should see 99 licenses available. Do note on IOS there’s an ongoing issue Wyze is looking into with an app bug related to this. If you don’t see anything, try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then sign out and back in

Except it’s not showing the number of licenses available or being used - either iOS or Android…

Prior to a few weeks ago, right under Annual Plan, it would list the number of licenses available.
Android = v2.39.0 (b170)
iOS = v2.39.0 (b6)

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Ill have to end up calling. I cant find it anywhere.

In the app from the home page, click on “Account”, then “Services” Then the "Cam Plus tab should have your unlimited license listed with options to add cameras. Did you purchase the unlimited plan with the same email address as your Wyze account? Can you send screen shots of your Services page in the app?

OK I’m gonna try to make this as least confusing as I possibly can because I’ve talked to customer service and I know going through chat is a little bit harder than to actually talk to someone so see if this makes sense. Also please note I’m talked to text because my fat fingers have hit every wrong key on this thing.

Exhibit A Sounds like a lawyer. This is the email that I got to the email that is associated with my wise Cam account. When I purchased what it was stating because I don’t go through PayPal I go through Google pay and it sends my receipts to a shop the file account. The shopify account is associated with a different email which is fine cause it’s basically for just receipts.

The next email which is exhibit B (2 screen shots) is showing that it’s purchased through shopify because I don’t do PayPal.

Exhibit C is it sending something to my email account that is used for receipts regarding now I have a trial not a plan that I paid for.

Long story short email came to the correct account associated with wise. Other email is just simply for receipts when I purchase stuff. However for some reason this trial thing came to the receipt email and I don’t know why but neither customer support nor myself can find it anywhere in my accounts.

Unfortunately wyze has MAJOR issues with there back end for cam plus right now,
Very flaky, and worst off their tech support will just read you their script and try a list of things that won’t work, then after way too long of time they will pass you up the chain to get a yeah we’re working on it , then you get dropped

This is odd, I have asked the rest of the volunteers if they have any insight into what might be going on.

In the meantime, can you check on, click your profile icon, click my services (or whatever it says), and see if your unlimited plan you just bought shows up in there?

Its not there either. My guess is I’ll have to dispute the charge with my CC company.

If I’m understanding correctly, and I may not be because this was a little tricky to follow with the whole Shopify thing… but, if you purchased the Cam Plus through Google, and it was never linked to your Wyze email account, then shouldn’t you just be able to create a login with your “receipt” email so that Wyze can push the license to that email associated with the purchase and then it will match the Wyze account?

These types of things can def be tricky. Especially if you are using Gmail, Apple login… and then things don’t get linked correctly sometimes. Apple hides your real email address now so sometimes I create an account, then have to give my email address later and they don’t match… they don’t even see an account created.

Good luck


OK I didn’t even think about that because I didn’t realize that I had set up an account with that email I guess but maybe it did like Apple?. But it’s under the Gmail account so how do I make it to the account that I normally use which is the one i normally use?

Sounds like you massively over complicated it - and it did not work well…

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Yea, sounds like you used google pay and 2 email addresses? Somewhere along the line Wyze needs to know what email to apply the license too, so it probably picked a specific one based on what step you used it at. You could definitely contact support, they will probably refund you or transfer the license to the correct account.

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Can’t overcomplicate something if you don’t know that it’s gonna make some kind of account for a Gmail address. I had no clue there was even account for that email cause I’ve never used it before so :woman_shrugging::joy:

I do thank you all for your help and input on it!!