Cam Plus Service Assignment

I recently upgraded to Cam Plus Annual for my Cam 3 cameras, prior to the expiration of the 14-day free trial.
Today, when attempting to watch the videos, the App informed me that I needed to assign a service plan to the devices. When I clicked on the link, monthly and annual selections popped-up that were at a higher price than my recent subscription. Maybe newbie “cockpit error”?

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Did you assign the cam plus license to the camera ?

On the wyze app , go to account > services and check that camera has a license assigned to it so it has cam plus now


Yea as rulwiz said you need to assign the cams to the new license you purchased. In the account > services tab, make sure the cams aren’t on the old trial, and if they are click them and click “Unassigned”. Then click an empty slot on the new license and select the cameras.


Yeah, that seemed to be it…I added the 3 cams to the Annual plan and I think that fixed the issue. As I guessed, a “Newbie” problem. Thanks!