Auto renewal of Cam Plus still requires more work!

My 3 annual subscriptions renewed automatically a week ago. Or so I thought. Under “Account”, “services”, I see that there are 3 new licenses to be applied and renew in another year. I also see the 3 licenses that were on the cameras that just expired last week. I figured INCORRECTLY that the renewal would apply to the cameras they were already on. It turns out, it’s like I just got three new licenses and I have to apply them to the cameras all over again. I tried that, but they don’t appear under the drop down list of available cameras to assign. Now, I have to choose each camera under the old license and “unassign” them first. This makes them “available” in the drop down list now to assign the new license. Am I nuts, or is this silly? And I did not see anywhere how to do this or that it was the procedure.
Now, on the same “services” page I now see the 3 “Free licenses” under the old plan that expired. WHY? They’re EXPIRED!

See before


Go to the web site to get more info you will need to sign into the services site

What’s the point of mobile app service renewal feature if it doesn’t work….bad user experience leads to loss of revenue. Wyze needs to focus on app QA and better mobile devs.

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