Cam Plus problem?

This is a bit odd, but I recently upgraded my subscription to Cam Plus so that I could get videos on all my cameras. Some are in the U.S., and some are in Mexico. Currently I’m in Mexico, and I’ve noticed some of my cameras are going offline in the U.S. some go off and then come back on, but a couple are just staying off line. The odd thing is, when I bring the app up, it doesn’t say OFFLINE like it used to, but when I try to bring up the camera it shows that’s it’s not attached to the cloud and says I need to power cycle. This coincided directly with my upgraded subscription. Any ideas? I can’t reboot them from Mexico.

It’s not Cam+. Likely due to the service outage on 2/16. While majority of cameras have recovered, some are still not back up.

yeah i still do not have person notifications on my v2 or pan cams… but my v3 and OG units get them