Cam Plus, parked vehicles should not be motion tagged

Edited to Add: I am happy with the V3. V2 has been good. WCO has not met expectations.

I have noticed the majority of my motion clips include Vehicle tags, via Cam Plus.

A tree sways in the wind, Vehicle tag is generated. Person walking by, Person and Vehicle tags are set.

Also, I have many clips generated when a car does drive by that will include a Person tag, though there is no person during the clip.

The most frustrating is shadows from clouds or trees moving from wind… where the parked vehicles result in a Vehicle tag being included.

Second most frustrating is Person tags when there were no persons.

I receive pop ups and emails promoting the great benefits and abilities of Cam Plus. Even offered a supposed free 1 month extension of the 14 day trial, with the automatic subscription included if you forget to cancel.

FWIW, my original Person Detection on my V2 generates less Person tags than my WCO that has never had Person Detection enabled on it

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Any motion that triggers recording will tag any vehicle in the frame. Detection of people, cars, packages, pets, etc. doesn’t work well and many have complained about it.

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This is decent feedback. Wyze is always asking what they can train the AI to do differently. I think it would be beneficial to have it learn the difference between “moving vehicle” and “stationary vehicle” now and let us choose if we want it to include or ignore stationary vehicles.

I know it currently includes them because a lot of people submit videos with both kinds and tag both as vehicle if there is one in the frame at all so the AI is just doing what it’s been taught, but these really should be totally separate detections.


The implication of a “motion detection” tag is it is generated by the motion the tag identifies.

Imagine having a statue in your yard of an animal Every cloud shadow, tree moving, person walking by includes a Pet motion tag. You just find the service unsatisfactory.

Tagging parked vehicles with a motion tag is unsatisfactory.

I don’t think anyone would say the AI is functioning at an acceptable level. One could argue that it is doing what it pledged to do: identifies pets, people, vehicles, etc. in the frame if movement is detected. However, that’s not what it SHOULD do. It should only do that if it detects motion of those particular entities. I personally wouldn’t rely on the cameras for motion detections since they are very unreliable at identifying important versus unimportant movement. I don’t care if leaves are blowing or shadows are moving. I want to know if someone or some animal is moving in my driveway.

Yeah, as another said, currently any motion anywhere in the entire frame triggers the AI to scan the ENTIRE stationary frame to see if any pattern it has been trained to recognize is present anywhere in the frame. In my understanding it’s not scanning to look at only the things that are slightly different between 2 or more separate frames, but anything in any frame that resembles the objects it’s been trained to look for.

The motion tags themselves are totally separate. Something can be a motion event and the AI can then separately find a vehicle within one of the frames of that video. The green line highlights are tagging areas where there was any pixelation change from one frame to the next, and it will only follow those pixel changes (color or greyscale differences between 2 frames), and that tracks “motion” in this way, but the AI likely just analyzes a single frame, and finds a car and tags it. It could be trained to only tag “Car” if 2 or more frames are found to have that “Car” on slightly different pixel locations (movement), or whether the “car” is in the exact same pixels between 2 frames (stationary). It should be relatively easy to train the AI to recognize that difference simply by comparing 2 or more frames and only reporting on it if there is a pixel change.

I think this feedback could be very useful for Wyze AI team to consider adding an option such as an option to “only detect moving objects, ignore all stationary objects” which people could then select if they don’t want tags for stationary cars, ignore statues, etc. It would also ignore any person sitting very still through an event (ie: my cat is laying down on the porch, I walk outside, but my cat doesn’t move, so it only detects a person (me who is moving) but not “Pet” (because my cat held still and didn’t change enough pixels)…though whenever my cat does move it will tag pet again. So while it might not show me every video my cat is in, it would then still show me the start and stop of whenever my cat enters and exits the frame.

I think that would be great feedback and training they can give the AI, to only add a tag when the identification for the object can be seen on different pixel locations between multiple frames (real movement). I hope they consider this. It should solve the issue of shadows causing vehicle detection labels because even if a shadow causes movement (pixel color changes between frames), the vehicle would still be in the same pixel locations, so there would be no movement and no reason to inform of a vehicle. I like the idea.


All great input.

I see many homeowners that position their cameras to cover their driveway. I would feel frustrated if I had to check every event that tags a Vehicle, to make sure one of my vehicles was not actually moving.

It becomes like “chicken little” where you turn off alerts and check clips occasionally. Same with all the false Person tags, especially at night, when there are no persons anywhere to be seen.

I did have a few Pet tags for grocery bags people were carrying.

My intention for the post is that I would not pay for a product that is in pre-beta status. The promotion for Cam Plus present a much more sophisticated product

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