Cam plus paid for. Does not work

I paid for a yearly subscription for three cameras through The app. However the app does not recognise this. Contacted support, they claimed this was Googles problem. Contacted Google, they said this was wyzes problem.

The reaction from both parties so far is… Sucks to be you.

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Did you but CamPlus on the Wyze website or through something else?

So via Google, hence the finger pointing.

Google app store

Finger pointing at Google and wyze. Both are telling me it’s the other’s problem.

I’m giving up.
Whomever (probably Google) has my money can keep it.
I’ve been using wyze for years with no problem.
Really like their product.
Would still recommend it to anyone.
I guess it just sucks to be me.

It isn’t just you. There are multiple posts about both Google and Apple causing problems with subscriptions. The best solution is cancel the one you bought via the app and buy a new one via the Wyze website. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to get any refund for the original. Another issue is Wyze is dinking with the configuration of CamPlus, Cam Unlimted and CamPlus lite right now so many things aren’t working with them. They allegedly know there are problems and are working to fix them, but nothing in the near term

Unfortunately I live in south africa.
I have been on the yearly subscriptions via Google for over two years without a problem.

Is just kinda weird that wyze would be happy with a situation where Google can take money from their customers and not pay them… We are both being stolen from.

Anyway. I will be waiting for a year. When my subscription “expires” I’ll consider re upping, until then I’ll probably just use them as live cams.

Have a good one friend…

Hard to say what will take place. They may start working again once Wyze fixes the backend stuff. You never know…