Cam Plus Package Detection

There is an issue with selecting Package Detection on WCO. When attemptng to activate that AI, I am getting an invalid error with a message referencing facial recognition, which I know is not in production. At the end of the message is a code 400. The button will select after repeated tries, but when you go out and return to the AI selection screen, package detection has been turned off. This is a very stressful issue to me as I just purchased a Cam Plus Bundle for 4 cameras. It is critical that this service be made available and this error corrected. Anyone experiencing this error/issue?

I had the same problem. You need to sign out of the app on the Account tab and then sign back in. Once you do that, the toggles will work properly.

Thanks to sw11 for sharing this in another forum…

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Thank you MainMan21. The toggle is now working correctly. I attributed it the last update that was done for the app, but I also had logged out and back in so I can’t say 100% which resolved it. If only now I could get it working more accurately than it does. I’ve had FedEx, Amazon and USPS leave packages without detections. Only because I got person detection announcements from Alexa did I look and see a package. No app notification on my phone for a package. I did get one the other day from my doorbell cam for a package my wife was carrying under her arm, but guess what, there was no person detection with it and clearly my wife was 75% in the video clip carrying the package under her arm.