Smart Detection works for some cameras, not all. Why?

I have multiple v2 and v3 cameras. I have CamPlus. Some of the cameras have the AI integration / Smart Detection in the app and some do not. No rhyme or reason. I’ve done the reboot as well and etc. This has been going on for weeks now. Why do some of my cameras have the the Smart Detection and some no? When I turn on Person Detection I am prompted to buy a Cam Plus subscription. I am on iOS and the app and my iOS is up to date.

Have you assigned CamPlus licenses to all of your cameras? If not, that is most likely why some work and some don’t.


Same boat. Not a single one of my cameras will recognize AI detection any more. Had the mail carrier (Person) drive (Vehicle) into my driveway and deliver a package (Package) in full view of three cameras and not a single on recognized any of it as other than motion. AI DETECTION IS DEAD.

All three are latest version and assigned CAM+ licenses. All 9 in fact and none of them recognizes anything any longer.

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Come on? Seriously? No duh, I never considered that. Gesh.

With some of the server changes and firmware changes that have been going on recently, there has been a rash of CP AI drops. V2 and PanV1 is especially problematic right now with the new firmware.

Many have found a solution in a reset:

  1. Unassign problem cam from CP
  2. Clear Cache
  3. Log out
  4. Close App
  5. Force close app from OS
  6. Reopen, login
  7. Assign CP to cam
  8. Test

That is nice. But once again, the client is expected to do all the work for Wyze’s mistakes.

I understand your frustration, however I am a user also. Just like you.

You posted in a user to user forum with an issue and specific questions for other users to respond. Yet the two responses you did get with suggestions were met with negative retorts.

I wish you the best of luck with your issue.

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No the solution is not to have the customer continually do hours of troubleshooting. If that’s negative I sure hope you’re not in customer relations.

This is a user to user forum. We’re not employees, just volunteers. I understand that you don’t want to have to go through these troubleshooting steps, but there was an error Wyze made that caused this for some, and as of now this is the only available solution we know of. If you want to speak with Wyze, contact support. Wyze is aware of this issue, and are working to fix it, but currently this is the only available solution.

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Oh please. Don’t lecture people, Don’t talk to people like their 8th grade educated. I fully understand this is a forum of volunteers and actual employees. And yes again I will not continually spend hours, days, weeks troubleshooting Wyze’s mistakes. If you’re such a “maven” you would actually understand this. Don’t bother replying.

Since your experiencing these issues and have tried all the troubleshooting steps, you can help the community by submitting an app log then contacting Support. Once in contact with support you can tell them your experiences and provide them with the log number that you submitted. What support can do then is forward your experience and statements along with the log to the engineers and developers so this issue can be investigated as bugs. The more help and information that is provided should help pinpoint the issue. Thank you for bringing this issue up and thank you in advance for helping and contacting support over this issue, If that’s what you choose to do.


Thanks, I have been doing that since yesterday. Appreciate the reply.

Hey @SlabSlayer is this a forced- against-our-will firmware rollout? I checked and I’m still on that was forced-against-our-will-no-matter-how-many-times-we-decline in February, for the moment.

No. These are voluntary updates downloaded from the Account → Firmware page or the Device Info → Firmware page.


Thank you.

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