Error message when trying to select Camplus AI package detection

Anyone encountering this error mesage?

What app version is this on? The error message does mention face recognition, not package like the toggle. Have you submitted an app log yet?

The latest 2.24.51. I have 5 cams with camplus, only two with package detection successfully selected. Got this error message when selecting package detection for the other 3 cams,

Nothing urgent, just want to know whether other users may have encountered this problem,
Just submitted log file # 304506

This cam has all 4 AI detections selected.

Unselected vehicle detection of one cam and tried selecting it again but failed.Got same error message.

Yep. I suspect it’s related to the face detection. If you try to select manage faces under the services tab you will get an error as well. I do not know the root cause but I was able to use a different phone and change the settings successfully. Both android running the latest version of the Wyze beta app. It had gotten to the point where the camera wouldn’t detect any motion at all.

I am not using beta app. Tried another phone same error. I cannot get back vehicle detection after deselecting it. Looks like I have to open a ticket.

Deselected and reselected camplus to get back vehicle detection which is one of the 3 default detections. Though still fail to select package detection.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please log out your Wyze account and login again? Thanks!

It works like a charm! :+1::+1::+1:Thanks!

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