Wyze AI Needs Significant Improvement

Wyze AI continues to recognize my 90 lb. dog as a person and not a pet despite submission of many video clips to “Help us improve AI by sharing . . . .”, from the events listings. Package detection is also useless. The on/off slider for package detection refuses to stay on in the app for applicable AI detection and/or notifications. As soon as you exit the app and return, the sider is back in the off position. Anyone experiencing this issue and have been able to resolve it? Submitting a problem issue to Wyze is an exercise in frustration. At this point, CamPlus will be going on my ‘Do Not Renew - Do Not Recommend’ list. Considering cancelling my existing subscriptions.

Try to log out of app

Thank you kae4560. That appears to have been the fix to correct the issue. As is often said, ‘sometimes the simplest solution is the hardest to see especially if it’s right in front of you’ and such was my case. Now if I can get my dog to be a pet and not a person and stop all the false Alexa announcements and phone notifications. Thank you again.