Cam Plus on WCO, can't enable Wyze AI Events

Just added Cam Plus annual subscription to my Wyze Cam Outdoor yesterday. I can toggle on Event Recording (Detects Motion) just fine, as you can see in screenshot #1. And I can toggle on Notifications, as shown in screenshot #2. But under “Notify me when”, I cannot toggle on Wyze AI Events (grayed out). Is this feature not implemented yet? Using Wyze app V2.18.23 and WCO firmware if that matters. TIA

Double check your settings and make sure you have activated the WCO under Account > Services >Cam Plus > Outdoor Cam and also toggle each AI Detection on.

Thanks for the reply. Just checked and all toggled on except Package Detection, as shown in screenshot below. I’ll toggle that on now and see if that makes a difference.

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No luck. Just made sure all three Wyze AI items toggled on, yet the Wyze AI Events toggle on the Notifications screen remains grayed out. Note that I’m getting “Complete motion capture …” event notifications, it’s just that these toggle settings in the below screenshot are always grayed out. By the way, I need bunny, squirrel, bird and raccoon detection. Maybe I’ll add that to the Wishlist. /s

Have you tried logging out of the app and logging back in?

I just switch a cam plus account from another Cam to one of my WCOs and it took a few minutes for the license to apply.

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Or you could sign out of your account and sign back in. Maybe force close the app and start it again also.

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Yes I have … logged out of the app, dismissed and relaunched. Same weirdness. Thanks for the suggestion.

What device are you on out of curiosity, Android or Apple?

Maybe go to account > notifications > and see if they are turned on there?

iPad Pro 9.7" (vintage 2016), iPadOS 14.4.1

Yup, push notifications are on there as well. Thanks.

Hmmm, wondering if these grayed out options has anything to do with the Cam Plus free trial that’s still active? See screenshot below. Pretty sure free trial only active for my V2 cams, but who knows. Purchased the 4 cam bundle annual subscription just yesterday and have only applied 1 of the licenses so far, to the WCO.

Interesting, could be in to something there. but I thought the trial allowed toggling those as well. Maybe timing?

Checked my iPad to see if the toggles were grayed out, but they weren’t.

Yeah, strange. Thanks for confirming that yours aren’t. :man_shrugging:

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Sounds like it might be the trial… others saying the same?

Free CP trial I’d applied on all the V2’s (and maybe the WCO, can’t remember) ends tomorrow. Will see if the odd “grayed out” behavior on the Notifications screen goes away after it ends.

Hi, any update ? I am in the same boat, bought the 4 license deal today. One v3 and doorbell is fine but two cameras are showing greyed out just like you. I have 12 days left of the trial