Cam Plus Lite on Wyze Web site

i can’t find cam plus lite on the wyze web site anymore. Has it moved or has wyze transitioned to the next step in getting rid of it.

Found this link:


I tried that page. Even though I am logged in it asks me to log in again when I select “opt in” or “sign up for cam plus lite” and it never logs me in after entering my credentials on those pages.

Have you tried through My Services here


I just tried the page Wild Bill linked and it did ask me to log in, and then went to the services page where I had to log in again, but then it worked…


Maybe it’s looping for you because you’re already opted in, so the expected execution steps are interrupted.

I know my brother was able to successfully enroll in Cam Plus Lite recently in May when I sent him the link. I think he had to do like K6CCC described, and login to the services page first, then go to Cam Plus lite to opt-in afterward. I just know it worked for a brand new Wyze user to sign up for it just a few weeks ago.