Cam Plus - Extend current Cam Plus subscription via applying purchased subscription promotion/special

When Wyze offers a cam plus subscription special, existing subscribers should be able to add the promotion to an existing subscription and extend the existing subscription by the length of the promotion.

For example, I should be able to buy the 3 month cam plus special and add the 3 months to my current cam plus subscription
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While it would be a great deal for existing subscribers, it isn’t likely this will be implemented. Existing subscribers do get a subscribers discount on new hardware though.

What this would do is open a loophole for existing subscribers to endlessly stack promotional subscriptions into the distant future. Not a very Wyze business model to employ.

The idea behind a promotion is to promote the subscription service to new users at an introductory reduced cost so they can evaluate the value of the service at minimal initial risk. Much like all the cable companies do. After the initial promotional period, the subscription reverts to standard pricing. Those promotions are also geared toward new users. It’s next to impossible to get them even if you were a prior customer from years back.