Cam plus clips 0s in length

recently some of my v3 pro on events page for cam plus plan are showing clips with 0s, when I try to playback its error code 06.

not issue with my wifi. I disable cam plus, reboot camera, enable cam plus and it works again. then when it stops again the previously recorded clips are 0s again.

clearly this is a server side issue

instead of fixing camera bugs they are making headphones now? lollll

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Yeah the same thing has been happening to me for white some time now……(several months!)
And of course it’s at a time when I really needed the footage!!

I get that on my Wyze Cam OG. I have opened a ticket with support, no resolution.

I cannot believe they released these without that much testing (two of two OGs have this issue).

I have tried everything to get them to work. They refuse. I am highly disappointed that I am actually paying for a service that does zero for me.

I went down the network path, not an issue. My WiFi is solid through my whole house. Thought it had something to do with the license, so I added it to my single additional license. Nope, same issue, but worse. I couldn’t delete it from my additional license! (I Have to say, the Android app has a LOT of issues).

Anyway, pretty disappointed with all my support I tera tions as they are very scripted. They don’t seem to do any troubleshooting and, they also just close tickets without resolution. Almost the worst support I have ever had, which is saying a fair amount.

Hopefully they can wake up and realize that there needs some fixing to their support and some issues with their products.

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