Cam Plus cancellation?

If support can not fix my ongoing issue with Cam Plus how could I cancel 4 of the 5 subscriptions. Could I just change the 5 to 1 on the account page attached ? I would not want to click on the cancel subscription because I think that would wipe all 5 out and I want to keep one for my V3.

First, when does your subscription expire? Nothing will happen until the expiration date and I don’t think you’ll get any refund (I could be wrong.) Knowing that, did you try changing to just 1 subscription to see what happens? Did you call Wyze support or try to contact them some other way about changing this? (Sounds like you are already dealing with them on an issue so just ask about this.)

Subscriptions expire in Feb. 2022. Yes I am still working with support on the issue and haven’t asked them about how to cancel yet. They (WYZE) caused the issue when they merged my 4 WCO CP licenses with my V3 license in Feb 2021. I can not download event videos from my 4 WCO that were recorded with CP activated, when I turn it (CP) off I can record and download the events videos all day long.

WYZE services cancelled 4 of my 5 CP subscriptions at my request, providing a refund also. Support and engineering are still checking on the issue but they do not have an estimate of when it could be fixed. They have actually been very helpful and provided rapid responses, just not a solution yet. Maybe I will try the CP on the WCO again at a later date.