Cam Plus 3 Months for $0.99 Deal

Did anyone else get an email about this, or is it a phishing scam not from Wyze?

I got one also. Plus I got another email offering a year for $14.99 I thing it was to reinstate a cam plus I stopped

Thinking about getting the 3 month $0.99 deal and then after the 3 months doing the 12 months at $14.99. Unless we can only do one or the other? Because in that case I’d probably do the $14.99 deal for a year.

UPDATE: Just tried to get the 3 month $0.99 deal and it looked like the $1.99 per month thing. There was no place to enter the code for the deal until after the order was placed and then it said it was invalid. So then I looked at my billing history and apparently I did get the $0.99, 3 month deal because it shows credits off the regular price.

Now I just have to figure out how to assign this to a specific camera, as it never asked me when I bought the deal.