Cam Plus Unlimited New $95 Deal

I’ve been paying $99 a year for Cam Plus Unlimited for several years and just received an email from Wyze saying they have a $95 a year deal. The email made it seem like this annual plan is new, when it really isn’t. But how do I get the $95 price to save a few bucks?

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Interesting, could you forward me the email? Should be $99 not $95. Also you should not be receiving emails to sign up for Unlimited as an Unlimited user, that’s annoying.



It was this one. Forwarded to you by email.


Noted. I know where this is coming from. It is supposed to be targeted at new users to Cam Plus Unlimited only as a way to incentivize moving to a yearly plan. If you receive this email and click on it, the discount will auto-apply in the cart.


Unfortunately, since I already have one Cam Plus Unlimited Subscription, I’m not going to put it in my cart for a second subscription. The targeting seems to be a bit off. Might also be good to indicate it is for New Subscribers only.


Agreed. This language will be added, I’m baffled by the targeting here. Going to do a deep dive on why we are bothering you all with emails about Unlimited when you already have it. That’s not good.


It kind of says a lot when you are baffled and you work at Wyze. It always bugs me when companies keep soliciting customers for subscriptions that already are already a member with them. AARP has been doing this same thing with me!

I don’t disagree with you. We need to clean up our data.

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You think?!

@WyzeMatt, I am interested in obtaining CAMPlus annual service, the sale price is tempting, but is it expected to increase after the 1st year?

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I wish I could promise you it won’t, but this is an area I don’t have control over. I can say with certainty that if you sign up for the year plan, we won’t increase the price on you during that year. It’ll renew at MSRP ($99.00) after a year.

If we do raise the price at a later date (I hope we dont) you can always cancel anytime during that year and it won’t auto renew.

As the #1 champion on the Cam Plus Unlimited plan here at Wyze, I can promise you we will be spending the entire year making sure this subscription deserves every dollar you pay for it.

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I tracked down an answer to this:

We will NOT raise the MSRP price of Cam Plus Unlimited in 2024.

Hope that helps.

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