Cam Pan V1 poor image quality fixed

My 3 year old V1 Cam Pan image quality deteriorated over time to a yellowish foggy image. Referring to the linked video for disassembly instructions, I discarded the round clear plastic part which protects the image sensor and the image quality is very good again, almost like new. At about 15:50 minutes in the video the you can see the round protective piece is held under the squarish black rubber gasket and sits atop the image sensor.

A while back, on a V2 cam, I had attempted to clean the round protective cover but the results were not good, and the cameras work without it, so just remove it if your problem is foggy yellowish image quality.


3 weeks after aforementioned repair which corrected image quality, I think the camera is bricked. The yellow status light flashes and the camera clicks in sync with the yellow flashing when it is restarted. Pressing the setup button does nothing after having deleted the camera from the app and trying to reinstall it.

After deleting the camera from the app, about five times I have unplugged the power and let it sit for a minute or two minutes and then powered it up and all I get is yellow flash with synchronized click and pressing the setup button does not generate the auditory message to proceed. So I guess it’s probably a door stop now.

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