Pan Cam really poor video quality

I think the video quality of a 2 year old Pan Cam v1 has greatly deteriorated. Or has this model always produced a lower quality of video? The lens has been cleaned, humidity is almost always very low in Denver, and I wonder if there would be any benefit to defaulting the camera to factory original settings and reinstalling it.

That’s about how mine look/have always looked. The V3 quality has really changed my perception of great quality versus decent quality.

Thank you. A pair of V2 cameras in the same room have much better quality than the pan cam. I check the video clips in the morning to see how many crazy moments the cat might have had overnight. The V3 definitely has the best video quality. I just received another V3 to put outdoors, but now I’m thinking of ditching the pan cam.

Nope it’s your camera looks like components starting to fail,do a hard camera re boot