Cam Pan serial number starting with F00 incorrect bootloader

I have another thread open here:

and just commented on another here:

With users having the same issue trying to load RTSP firmware to the cam pan with serial numbers starting with F00. It seems this version of the hardware shipped with an incorrect / invalid bootloader which causes the pan to be unable to load ANY firmware to it, RTSP or otherwise.

The first post I listed contains all the relevant information required to update but the few sentences above should be enough for a wyze tech to take a look at the bootloader of a PAN with S/N F00 and confirm.

Requesting an OTA update of the bootload (if possible) or another method to correct this bootloader issue.

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At the end of August when the “Can’t flash firmware to Cam Pan” thread got some good info tacked on it about the boot loader problem, I did send the thread link and some words up the chain and was told that it was sent off to the team involved. I havent gotten an update beyond that, but know that all that good info got sent in the right direction. :slight_smile:. Thanks for following up on this and keeping the info together!

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Thanks Tony! Like I said in the other thread - fingers crossed!


Is this dead Tony? Did anything ever happen with the bootloader?

I did not hear anything back beyond confirmation that the good info in the thread was passed to the correct team. Sorry no update on this.

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