Pan Firmware Upgrade Fails

Have tried multiple times to do firmware upgrade on my Cam Pan from to but it fails every time. Any suggestions?


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A couple users tried manually flashing to the previous version, the one before .98, and then upgrading to .111 and it worked. I had to do the same when upgrading to .98.

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Every now and again I have a camera fail to upgrade. When it happens I have had good luck doing the following.

  1. Turn off all event and SD card recording.
  2. Turn off any time lapse recording.
  3. Turn off Motion Tracking and Pan Scan if it’s a Pan Camera.
  4. Format the SD card, or remove it.
  5. Physically unplug the camera for at least 1 full minute.
  6. Restart camera and immediately do the upgrade.

Keep in mind the camera needs a solid WiFi connection to upgrade successfully so if the connection is weak move the camera closer to the WiFi source.

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Thanks for the suggestion but I’m afraid it didn’t work.

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Thanks. So how do I manually flash? And if I did that why wouldn’t I just try to manually flash .111?

The link below tells you how to manually flash fw. A Wyze developer would have to answer your second question.

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The .111 firmware would need to be released in a file like the other previous firmware versions. See the release notes page like linked above this and see which firmware versions are clickable, looks like those are the ones available to download and manually flash. Right now looks like all past versions, not the current version is up for download

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just bought my first set and was told to upgrade from that came in the box to took forever and never could upgrade and then couldn’t add any device. so switched off everything, unplug the cam, sign out of app and resign on and bingo.
anyone else have problems upgrading? afraid to upgrade now ….

I just received two brand new Pan Cams, and they both lock up when doing the firmware upgrade. Pretty much renders the cameras USELESS for the time being.

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