Pan firmware released to public

Changes include:

  • Fixed an issue for firmware upgrade
  • No functionality change

FYI - I got my Pan camera yesterday and did the firmware upgrade during set-up. At end of upgrade there was an error message the upgrade wasn’t successful but the device info shows it installed and upgrade shows current version installed.

Is there a way to upgrade the firmware via USB, rather than just wi-fi?

Set-up on our Cam Pan went well but it doesn’t connect (so no upgrade via wi-fi option).

You can flash firmware via SD card but not the USB port. The link is at

Thanks for letting us know. The app was polling the device and check if upgrade succeeded. Likely the app timed out before upgrade finished. If later on you see your firmware version to be you should be good.

Interesting, both of mine already show as - and I didn’t update them. Will they update without being told to do so?


Thank you LikeWyze :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen an automatic update, but it will pop up with a message on your phone that a new update is available.

You can also always go into the settings to manually check.

All I can tell you is that yesterday, both of my Pans were when I looked, and I had not seen a notice of an update nor had I manually performed an update.


We don’t have automatic update feature. I can’t imagine how the new version got there automatically. Very likely the update button was pressed without being noticed.