upgrade fails on Cam Pan

I just got a notification to upgrade the software on my Cam. I’ve tried three times, and I keep getting a message that the upgrade fails. Any suggestions?

  • How far away are the cameras from your router?
  • Is your phone/tablet on the same WiFi network?
    power cycling


manually flashing firmware.


Thanks for the quick response. I power cycled the camera, and force stopped the app. Restarted both and the update was successful. Thanks again!


Glad it worked out for you!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t feel lonely!

Check out the number of complaints on Facebook.
My Pan Cam has been operating perfectly. I think I’ll skip the update for now.

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It only took me an hour to get my cam pan to upgrade to FW It failed multiple times before I succeeded. I thought about running over it with my truck a few times. :grin:


Mines is failing multiple times too, even after unplugging for 10 secs. I updated the software to the latest from the App Store, the cams rotated, firmware update failed again :rage: