Cam Pan position memories / presets on cam's Live Stream page

I would find it very helpful to have 4 or 8 memory slots available to save camera positions. I frequently log into a camera and inspect the same 4 or 5 locations. It’s a bit of a pain to pan around to each right spot when coverage is spotty and it can take several seconds to refresh.

[Mod Note]: The feature described in this request has been implemented for Cam Pan v3. This request now applies only to Cam Pan v1 and v2.

This feature already exists in a manner of speaking. You can set up Pan Scan with up to four waypoints. Then the camera will cycle among them every 10 seconds.

If you don’t want the camera moving every 10 seconds, you can go into the Pan Scan settings (Settings > Advanced Settings > Motor Controls > PanScan Settings). Once there, you can tap on each position and the camera will move to and stay in that position until you tap a different one.

Does that satisfy the need you have expressed?


Nice! I am relatively tech savvy have used many models of cameras over the years, and from your interface I could not see that this feature was available. I guess my suggestion might be to make the feature a little more prominent on the user interface. Most cameras have 8 little radio buttons to hop from location to location. This works well.

Another small idea I had would be to show 360° “compass” symbol on the interface and indicate with a dot/line what direction the camera is currently pointing. Again this would be helpful when you have low bandwidth and low refresh rates and you’re trying to figure out which way the dang camera is pointed. I just did that 10 min ago on cell connection, and it was challenging to know where I was pointed.

BTW, really great product. Great HW, SW and price. I recommend you guys all the time. Well done.


To set up two different fixed camera positions (camera directional position saved for each zone) and manually choose position when I need it. For example, I set up two fixed camera positions and direct camera to show position #1. Then later (any time interval) I MANUALLY direct camera to show position #2 and so on.
Because each position will be fixed after camera movement it will be possible to set Motion detection zone for each position if necessary. I.g. if one position will be your driveway with part of the street visible it will be possible to set Motion detection zone for driveway only and exclude street to eliminate Detect motion event notification for each car passing by.
To moderator: originally posted on Feb. 15 This is about creating and saving two different fixed camera POSITIONS, detection zone used as example. Thank you

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Read there is no easy ability to save multiple preset pan points. This makes it very difficult to move the camera to a particular position especially if bandwidth is limited - lots of overshooting and under shooting. It would be very helpful to have four or eight positions that can be saved/user set which can then easily be access by the app by just selecting which of the four or eight views is desired.


@scgrout Please see above for a possible workaround. And be sure to vote for this topic by clicking the VOTE button at the top.

I also support that instead of going Camera Setting - Advanced Settings - Motor Controls - Pan Scan Settings - to the screen were I able to switch among Set waypoints, and then click < back 4 times somewhere on the Live Streem screen were ability to switch among “Set waypoints”.
PS I didn’t have “Vote” button o my PC screen, so I couldn’t vote.


Thx mim423. You are correct. I tried the work around a month or so ago and it did not work for me. Quite awkward. Again if you look at the UI for almost every other security camera app you can save four or eight waypoints. It would be super helpful in low bandwidth situations to not have to pan back-and-forth and back-and-forth missing the mark every time. Thank you for your consideration.

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You have to scroll all the way up to the top to see the VOTE button:

Yes, I did. It said Voted and when I clicked on it nothing happen.

If it says “VOTED” (instead of “VOTE”) then it means it’s already registered your vote.

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The Wyze Pan has a lot of features but there is a simple basic one that I’d like but it does not have. That is to have presets to turn to a certain location at a specific time and date. For example, for my morning and evening times, I’d like the cam to be point at different locations and I want it to do it automatically.

Right now there are no options for me to set it to a certain location and say 5pm, point to another one. I feel this would be a good feature to have. Yes, there is the other pan option where you set it to rotate around. But I’d prefer an option where the camera stays still when set to rotate to another location at a specific date and time.

If we can please look into having that, I’d really appreciate it.



I would like to see a way to have the pan camera have two new features. Since it already has a way to set pan waypoints:

  1. Allow you to have a quick buttons to go directly to one of those points.

  2. Allow the camera to boot and go directly to the first or default waypoint.

My camera is in a window where it has to be set sideways to allow for the base plug. When it restarts it boots to looking at a wall. I have set waypoints and my little trick is to put it in pan mode so it goes right to the first point, then I turn it off. But that is annoyingly hacky.

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I’d like to have an action to pan the camera 180° (or smaller increments) that can be used in a shortcut.

Use Case:
I have several pans inside my home to keep watch when I’m away. When I’m home it would be good to have the cameras pan to a wall (or any place of no interest). This would make myself, family, and friends feel more comfortable without a camera pointed at them.


Since a lot of us use our Wyze cams as a security system, it would be great to have the option to set the position of the Wyze Cam Pans differently for home (facing away / at a wall) vs away (looking into the room). I know we can just turn them on and off with IFTTT location tracking, but house guests still always get uneasy when there is a camera in the room (especially the bedroom).


I’ve added my vote for Pan-Presets.

The Pan-Scan workaround represents 5-clicks of frustration vs the blissful implementation of 1-click and done.

I also vote for a NO MOVEMENT at startup option. The boot dance is annoying and distracting.


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This is by far my top frustration with this otherwise fantastic product. On a low bandwidth networks (which is almost always the case when checking in remotely from my mobile phone) it is impossible to point the camera where you want.
Constant overshooting back and forth. And the workaround is just as bad on a low bandwidth network.

4 or 8 saved points is a common feature for almost every other surveillance camera I have used and it cannot be that hard to implement.

Thanks in advance for moving this up the list.

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When you view the live stream view for the pan cam, you can see the controls to move the camera, but cannot access the way points. There should be a way to quickly click on a waypoint and the camera changes to that position

Here is what it looks like at the moment:

Here is what I want it to look like:


An option to tap the screen in full mode 3x for a home position that was setup prior in your settings menu

For the Wyze Cam Pan, I wish there were customize-able preset buttons that the user could select positions for. My old (2011) Foscam has this feature, and the only reason I still use it and am not 100% Wyze now, is because of the lack of this feature. I can quickly hit a button, and the camera is focused in on the living room… another button, and it’s in the kitchen, etc.