Cam Pan position memories / presets on cam's Live Stream page

I have asked for this for almost 4 years and the product team ignore the request or gives some awful kludge.

Lacking this feature it is impossible to pan the camera by hand anytime on the road.

A very, very basic feature missing. A real disappointment.

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WYZE Labs was founded a little over 2 years ago, the Pan Cam was not their first product, yet you have asked for this for almost 4 years?


Sorry, fat fingers, I first purchased mine about 2 yrs ago (I believe). Am a big fan of the product except for this basic missing feature. Makes panning unusable on the road (and we’ve got a 20 mb/s service). Thx.

Sure seems like 4 years since this basic request was suggested. :blush:
We can set waypoints but just can’t action them from either IFTTT or easily from the UI.

I would like to see triggers that activate a Preset position, or setting. If motion 1 is triggered, pan will swing to position 1. + Other actions like scan areas 1&2, turn on motion tracking…

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I’d also like to see no movement on startup as an option. All my old Foscam’s have this option.

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I’m surprised this isn’t done yet. I have my camera in the window reset every weekday morning so I can capture my kids getting on the bus then manually pan the camera 180 degrees to keep an eye on the 4 dogs and 2 cats home alone during the day. I’m not interested in pan scanning’ just want 2 fixed positions for two different times of the day.

… and don’t forget to VOTE. With only 19 votes I’d guess we have an uphill battle for this request.

I would say the pan and scan feature doesn’t satisfy what the viewers are looking for, at least not in a convenient and efficient manner.

The main reason I have the pan cam, and I’m assuming others is that we want to watch multiple locations with only one camera. If my home alarm goes off I want a home position covering my front door and I want to quickly pan to my back door. opening pan and scan and then waiting for the preset to show up on the screen and or fiddling with the pan and scan settings is a waste of time.

There should just simply be a home button and an ability to click on view 1, 2, 3 or whatever and quickly jump to that location. I have an old D-Link 360 surveillance camera that’s 6 years old that can do this it’s just assumed when I bought the pan camera that it would also have preset location so you could quickly monitor multiple locations.

If pan and scan settings can be saved in the pan and scan option I would hope that those same presets can be available as a quick button link on the front of the app.

@withawye : I agree with you 100%
In @Loki 's defense , they made the statement that "This feature already exists in a manner of speaking… " over a year ago.

I hope the posts to this thread are convincing, but we have only 20 votes so far so I don’t expect a useful resolution anytime soon.
It’s incredible to me that Pan presets are not considered an absolute requirement for a panning camera; WyzeCam can hide behind the facade of minimal user interest (a mere 20 votes) but really it’s a false economy. It can’t be more than a weekend project for one of their software engineers (especially in comparison to the investment in the over-hyped AI “person recognition”. There are so many existing examples to copy)

My solution is to use Foscam/Tenvis/other cheap panning cameras. Setup is more difficult, Security requires more attention. All these issue are solvable and I get the Pan preset functionality I require (and have had for more than 5 years)

I have many WyzeCams installed in my user community (friends and family) but only one WyzeCamPan. Until Pan presets are available I’ll just purchase other products.

On another thread. I’m looking forward to the availability of a WyzeCam outdoor set of products. If they provide an outdoor Pan camera without presets, I’ll be sorely disappointed. (better to have a fixed wide-angle camera only)

Once this feature is implemented, please allow these preset positions to be triggered with an IFTTT applet!

Parallel discussion: Suggestion: Wyze Sense (motion or contact) triggers Pan movement - #41 by whatthebleep

See this also: Add More IFTTT Triggers and Actions

Create pre-programmed locations (not waypoints) on the Wyze app for different locations of the room? For example, program a preset button called “kitchen door” or “window” so that the Pan Cam can go directly to to that location.

Just posted a new topic requesting this function, then was directed to this thread. Surprised to find someone brought up this idea over a year ago and there doesn’t seem to be too much interest, when it is such a reasonable and convenient feature. Just voted and hope this comment can add some visibility. Thanks.

I purchased the Wyze cam Pan cam specifically to upgrade my ~10 years old cheap Chinese pan camera used as security camera for my front porch. I just did the swap, just to discover that the Wyze cam amazingly doesn’t have preset pointings feature! (I assumed it would be there.) Now every time the camera reboots it will be pointing at the window frame rather than outside. Please add at least one default preset pointing, the one the camera would automatically use after rebooting. This is a basic functionality for a pan camera. I was thinking of upgrading my 4 other security cameras to Wyze cam Pan, but I cannot unless this feature is implemented.

A little bit of an add on idea to the original poster. Having the memorized positions able to be panned to when a rule triggers. So if you have a motion sensor to the right of where the camera normally looks trigger you can pan to that preset while motion is detected.

Just bought a pan camera and this what I was hoping to do. Unable to do it with the current abilities of the platform I guess :slight_smile:

I’m in full agreement that we should have position presets, and I’m very impatiently waiting for the ability to set positions based on IFTTT triggers. But in the meantime, you can create a shortcut that sits at the top of the Wyze app. Hit the ‘+’ button, ‘Add Rule’, ‘Shortcut’, select your camera, and then ‘Reset Position’, and ‘Save’. That’s about it for functionality at the moment, unfortunately.

I’d like the Pancam to face the wall when I’m home or on a schedule. You never know if there’s been a hack and your on Candid Camera. Or look at the ceiling or the floor. I’d feel more comfortable putting more of them in the house.

Hello, I would also like the ability for Pan Cam to have presets as well as be able to scan from Preset to Preset in some kind of Guard Mode routine.

Waypoint buttons on cam control screen

Hi, Can you make it so when I’m on the viewing screen of my cam pan I can have a quick button to make the camera go to one of my waypoints and stay there.

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