Cam Pan 2 - lines across camera while live streaming, in event recordings and playback


Getting lines across the camera while: live stream, watching event recordings and watching playback.

It was recommended I sign up for Beta so I did that and upgraded firmware for all of our cameras (we also have a Pan (1) and Cam 3).
Pan 2: version
Cam 3:

Pan 2 is the only camera that is showing lines across the live stream.

We’ve restarted the device, unplugged the device, removed the device and set up again and reformatted SD card.

Nothing is working.

Our Pan 2 is our primary camera and it’s not working.

Does anyone have advice here? We’ve exhausted all options at this point. Thank you!

Can you post a screen capture so we can see what you are talking about?

Here is a video upload because it is easier to see


You’re right, the video showed far better what was happening than a still image would have.

If these were analog cameras, I would assume interference or signal dropouts. However these are not analog cameras. Still could be interference or signal issues on the WiFi link. As a test, can you move the camera closer to your WiFi access point and see if the problem changes. Could also be a power issue. Can you swap a different power adapter and cable? Are you using the stock cable or a longer replacement?

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Normally I would say that WiFi could be the issue - however - we swapped our Pan for the Pan 2 - so the Pan 2 is in the exact same place as the Pan was, and we never had a problem with the Pan (we still don’t now, since we have moved the Pan to another location in the house and it’s working perfectly).

The Pan 2 is sitting on a desk, underneath is the WiFi so it is directly above the WiFi.

We’ve already changed cables as well - we’ve had the stock cable it came with and thinking that was the issue, replaced with another cable. Same outcome.

No luck. As I noted in my OP, we’ve run out of options here.

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For testing can you move the pan v2 to a different room way away from directly above your Wi-Fi source? Does it show those horizontal lines in color mode (not in NV mode), or in night vision mode but with the IR lights disabled?

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Still have lines - in NV and not in NV.

Our Pan and Cam 3 are not having this issue. It’s isolated to the Pan 2 only.

I understand, how about when you move the pan v2 to a different room, away from right on top of the Wi-Fi?

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That is what we did. Same problem as described in prior reply - still have lines both in NV and not in NV. No matter how far away the device is from the WiFi box we still have lines on our Pan 2.

Our Pan and Cam 3 are at a closer distance than where we moved the Pan 2 to and we have no issues with those devices. This is isolated to the Pan 2 only.

Has this been happening from the first time you used this camera?
Does it have the lines when in color?

We updated Pan 2 firmware to Then we saw the lines.
Posted on another board and it was suggested to join Beta and see if that worked, updating to Beta.
Pan 2 is running (10/4/2021). Still have the lines.
Lines are both in NV and not in NV - live stream, event recordings and playback.

Have you tried flashing the firmware? Try the newest production firmware first. F that doesn’t fix it try a previous version of firmware.

If that doesn’t work, You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646
Or online:
Wyze Support has extended their live support hours for a better support experience. ( Excluding Holidays & Emergencies )
Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT

Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

Maybe you can get it replaced ! But hey you can make great Halloween videos with this setup or an even better idea is to have Wyze add cool filters for videos