Poor connection with Cam v2 but not Cam Pan

(I’ve tagged this as not-phone-specific but I could be wrong. I have an iPhone 6.)

I have a Cam Pan quite far from my router and two floors above it, as well as a Cam v2 only about 15 feet from the router. The distant Cam Pan has no problem at all maintaining a steady HD connection but the close-in Cam v2 can be run reliably only at 360p. It absolutely refuses to connect at HD and will only occasionally connect at SD. This is a relatively new issue with the Cam v2 but I can’t say exactly when it started.

I am running the latest firmware in both cameras and v2.7.29 of the app on my phone. I have deleted the Cam v2 from the app and reconnected several times, and rebooted everything (iPhone, router, modem). No change at all.

Has anybody out there seen anything similar? Has anybody got any suggestions?


WiFi has fringe or even dead radio spots. Have you tried testing the V2 at a known good spot?

Where the pan is now, is a good spot.

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Good suggestion from @qlang243… Also look for things between your V2 and router that might block or interfere with your cam, like electronics, MetalObjects, extra dense walls, (like old houses with plaster/wire mesh) or some types of insulated glass.

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I have my main router and Ethernet switch in same room as all my theater electronics. I wanted to put them in the same rack but too much noise. So I had to move my router and switch to a shelf about 8 feet away from electronics. So that could be your issue.

Also not camera related but signal related I don’t have a huge house so one bridge should cover it. But on the ground floor we’ve been having issues with motion and contact sensors. I racked my brain to figure it. Finally it dawned on me. The theater insulation I put in the basement ceiling is very dense specialized to kill sound, fireproof and rock based not fiberglass. It’s killing the signal. So I’m adding a bridge to the ground floor. A lot can interfere with signal.

qlang243 – Well, I just had my first “duh” moment of the day.

When the v2 is placed next to the Pan, it connects just fine at HD. Duh.

The question now is why the signal at its normal spot is so poor. It used to connect there without a problem at HD and I haven’t changed anything – that I can think of. Gotta check my karma.

Thank you, and to the others who chipped in!

I’d try the opposite, move the Pan to the V2s’ spot and see.
WiFi has it’s own anomalies …
Try rotating your router and or positioning the antennas if any on your router.
Try accessing/ login on with a different device …table or … using cell data or WiFi and see.

As tomp above says, check for something that is conductive/metallic, along the line of sight between the WiFi and the V2, for example TVs.

You can also try moving your WiFi a little, or re-orient the antennas like gku says, or put it on a high shelf.

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High shelf worked very well for me

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I have both a Cam Pan and a Cam v2. The v2 exhibited the same behavior you describe where it keeps dropping connections, connects and then the data rate goes to zero and it is non responsive. The Cam Pan works just fine. I swapped just the cameras locations and left the power and USB cable in place and the v2 has the same behavior in the location where the Cam Pan worked just fine. The Cam Pan in the old v2 location works fine. I am chalking it up to the v2 camera either being defective or it just doesn’t have the wifi strengh needed. One of these days I will buy a second v2 and test out my theory.

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When I put the Pan where the v2 is normally, it has no problems at HD so it certainly seems that the v2 is not handling Wi-Fi as well as the Pan. Moving the router would be a pain so the best solution may be to replace the v2 with another Pan.


The pans are very handy to because obviously you can see more

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Also, If you can not make it work for you I’d put in a support ticket with Wyze.
They go though the trouble shooting with you if the V2 is at fault they will more then likely replace it free of charge.

A cheap fix is a free one … :grin:

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My router is mounted on my electrical panel and doing anything different with it other than rotating the antennas (which had no beneficial effect) would mean finding an entirely new place to put it, something I’d rather not do. Buying a Pan would be FAR easier.

That said, there’s clearly something wrong with the v2 if it will only connect at 360p where the Pan will happily run HD. Maybe I’ll give the nice folks in Support a ring.


Your Wi-Fi router is man mounted to your breaker box?

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An all metal electrical box with conduits and wires to boot, JEEPERS !
Got to be one of the worst of places to mount a router …if u ask me.
Best place all though not feasible for most is right in the middle of a room centered in the radius of ALL its connected devices.
Any best u can do with this will greatly minimize your WiFi connection issues …

But, there seem to be an issues with your V2, and YES… I’d open up a support ticket with Wyze.

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Totally agree. Very bad placement. Way too much noise. I have a contact sensor 8 feet from from my router. But it shows 1 bar of WiFi. BUT, in between them is my all metal AV rack with all my electronics and home theater gear. Again too much noise.

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Ones router needs All the help it can get !

Every appliances
Any wireless devices
Household gadgets
Building materials
Neighboring WiFi networks

Will greatly affect your WiFi connection quality !!!

And upgrading your router is also a great thing to do …security wise also !

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